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About Gilan glass

Gilan Glass has established in 1981 in order to participate in the market of automotive, architectural, and industrial glass production, and Shomal Safety Glass actory was launched in 1982 in the form of Gilan Glass Industry Group Development Plan in industrial city of Rasht.

At that time, due to political and economic conditions in the country, the production of this factory was focused on automotive glass.

Although the equipment installed in the factory of this group had high capabilities for industrial and construction glass production, because of the country’s need to develop exports, automotive glass production became a priority. In 2001, the new site of this group in Kaveh Industrial City, named Sepehr Safety glass, was started up with modern European production lines to produce new generation of automotive glass and meet the needs of the automotive industry. In 2012, in order to complete the plan and cover innovations in construction industry, considering the valuable experience of managers and experts, the group attempted to set up construction glass production site with the world's most advanced automatic machinery. Today, we are proud to supply a variety of facades, doors and windows, and decorative glass. It is planned to provide the most equipped machinery of facade glass manufacturing and installing.

Equipment and raw materials